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Homemade Sour cream Heavy 200gr

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36 000 IDR

Bali Sour Cream, made with whole milk, is rich and delicious!

Thick, rich sour cream, commonly used for baked potatoes, Mexican foods, sour cream cakes, casseroles and dips is a hearty food. Although sour cream has some calcium, there are nutritional considerations for you to take into account before including sour cream in your diet regularly.

Regular sour cream begins its life as cream. The cream goes through a fermentation process when our specialists combine the cream with specialized bacteria. The lactic acid bacteria give the sour cream its distinctive flavor and the thickness of cream aids in the thickness of the product. Our sour cream has 15 - 25 percent fat.

Sour cream has only 0.35 g of carbohydrates in 1 tbsp., making it a relatively low-carbohydrate food. Other ingredients in 1 tbsp. of the sour cream include 0.42 g of sugar and 0.25 g of protein. A tablespoon of sour cream provides you with 13 mg of calcium, a small percentage of your 1,000 mg daily requirement. Sour cream has a trace of iron, only 10 mg of sodium, 17 mg of potassium and a trace of the B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin and niacin in 1 tbsp.

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