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Butter Ghee 100gr

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Ghee - a kind of purified melted butter, which is widely used in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, for cooking, treatment and conduct religious rituals. One of the most popular and typical products of Indian cuisine.

In contrast to the melted butter, ghee has a pure gold color, there is no sediment and other impurities, the smell remains caramel, the taste is sweet.

To produce 1 liter of ghee you have to use 1.7 liters of cream. For this purpose it should be processed up to 30 liters of milk. Prolonged boiling oil is possible only in small quantities. And energy costs, strict adherence to the temperature and time of boiling, and manual removal of solid particles makes it virtually impossible to make ghee in industrial quantity. Traditionally in India, ghee is produced on farms in small quantities.
According to Ayurveda, ghee is a drug, having the nature of goodness. Ghee has a rejuvenating and toning properties, increases the "digestive fire" and the immune system, helps the small intestine. Unlike other oils that can clog the liver, ghee gives it strength. It nourishes the body's nerve tissue, bone and brain, thereby increasing the sharpness of mind.

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