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Beef & pork dumplings (pelmeni) 0.5kg

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71 500 IDR

Our customers love this traditional Russian product which came from Siberia!

Pelmeni are to Russians what Ravioli are to Italians. A filling, delicious and staple is a part of the diet. A quick look at the tasty history of pelmeni reveals that these meat filled Russian dumplings are adaptations of the Chinese potstickers. Its distinct rounded ear shape is what also sets it apart from Ukraine’s close cousin vareniki or pierogies  as they are more commonly known in Eastern Europe. 

The name pelmeni comes from the original dish prepared by the indigenous people from the Ural Mountains called Komi. They named the dumplings “pelnyan” which meant ‘little bread ear’ in their native tongue. Today’s pelmeni bear little resemblance to the dish prepared by our ancestors.

Aren’t familiar with dumplings? Generally, there are three parts of making dumplings: we make dough for dumplings and make dumpling wrapper, make the favorite dumpling filling of beef and pork together and freeze them! You decide how to cook and serve dumplings (steam, pan-frying or water-boiling).

Dumplings taste great but they also add heartiness and character to even the simplest soup or stew. Everyone, including children, seems to love the soft texture, shape and flavor of our homemade dumplings.

We offer you to eat dumplings with a fresh sour cream or cream and fresh green. This dish is for health conscious folks!

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